Low Back Pain

In the general population between 35-37% of people have low back pain (LBP). (Souza 2016 p. 163) This means that the population of Greenville, Powdersville and Easley taken as a whole has approximately 35-37 thousand people suffering from low back pain based on the 2019 census. Studies indicate, again according to Souza 2016, that 39% of low back pain comes from disc disruption; however, only 5% of those are disc herniations with the majority of low back  pain being facet-related…the vertebrae moves out of its intended position and its current, unintended position, is causing the pain. Low back pain can also be caused by something as simple as hips (ilium and sacrum) being misaligned.

In general if LBP radiates, moves, down to the buttocks, or the front of the pelvis, the pain maybe radiating from the sacral iliac joint (hips) due to misalignment. This kind of misalignment can be caused by running, jogging, jumping, falling etc. If the pain travels, radiates, to just above or at your knee, this can indicate the aforementioned facet disruption in the lumbar segments or low back vertebrae. Both of these scenarios are subluxations or malposition and can be rectified through competent chiropractic care. If pain radiates to a person’s foot, ankle, even the calf, this may indicate a potential disc related disruption. This does not mean a person has a herniated disc but certainly should be an indicator for someone to see their chiropractor.

It is good to pay attention to the body’s warning signs, pain, stiffness, lack of mobility.  Because the cost of doing nothing can be more expensive than choosing to act. A person’s body can get used to its new, subluxated or malpositioned state, but over time degeneration of those segments can occur as the body tries to stabilize the joints.

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