Is there a meaning to pain?

Types of headaches

Simply put, pain is an indicator of a problem. For instance, you step on something sharp, pain, look down and you may have a problem that needs addressing on your foot. If you cut your finger, pain, and the problem is addressed. Interestingly, most people treat headache pain as if it were a simple annoyance. By this I mean, they take aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, and when the pain ceases the problem is gone. Headache pain often means your body is trying to tell you there is a problem that needs fixing. It is great that we can subdue the pain; but we never fix what is causing the problem. In my experience people who are having headache pain, frequently, have problems with how their vertebrae are aligned. Specifically the first 2 vertebrae C1, and C2. It can also be caused by other malalignments, also called subluxations, of the cervical and even thoracic, upper back vertebrae. To date, without fail, patients with headaches have shown improvement in their outcomes with chiropractic adjustments. By this I mean, less headaches, less intensity, or no headaches; or they come in with a headache and it is gone in approximately 10-15 minutes after the adjustment.

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